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Global Fiduciary Standards and the importance thereof for investors, trustees and portfolio managers and benefits of an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF™) overseeing the investment process.

Modern medicine has major findings which have been documented such as DNA and gene mapping.  Coupled with advances in technology, medical research is benefiting people at large with these quantum leaps in knowledge – saving millions of lives, and a better life experience for many that have had hitherto suffered various health complications. Correspondingly, in the Science of Modern Finance* the world’s leading economists and finance professors have made significant findings regards understanding the risk and return of all well known asset classes.

In recent years their attention has focused on the management of costs (including taxation liabilities). These findings, along with advances in technology, mean investors taking advantage of this knowledge can gain levels of confidence and superior returns at a lower risk than has previously been possible in past years. This will mean a new standard of lifestyle planning for families, family trusts and the Retirement Fund industry.

This knowledge and technology can now be linked with new Global Fiduciary Standards and processes which enable investors to make any investment service provider fully accountable in respect of the results they achieve or don’t achieve in the interests of their clients. This knowledge will also challenge historical thoughts and services within the wealth management industry. Another challenge that will become apparent to professional trustees is the necessity for them to demonstrate that they have a defined governance process in place capable of meeting legislative and new international ethical standards.

Investment fiduciaries are looking for universally accepted standards of practice to aid them in the performance of their fiduciary duties. Adherence to a standard can be the foundation for the trust placed in Advisors by their clients.

The vast majority of the world’s liquid investable wealth is in the hands of investment fiduciaries, and the success or failure of investment fiduciaries can have a material impact on the fiscal health of any country. As critical as their role is, most fiduciaries are unaware or uncertain of the full extent of the details of a prudent investment process.

The Prudent Practices for investment fiduciaries guide investment fiduciaries as they strive to fulfill their fiduciary obligations. By following a structured process based on the Practices, the fiduciary can be confident that critical components of an investment strategy are properly implemented and followed.

The Practices provide the foundation and framework for a disciplined investment process and generally represent the minimum process prescribed by US law and legal precedent. The Practices are further supported by Criteria, which represent the details of the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence.

Glacier Research, Investment Fiduciary approach All three of the Wrap Funds managed by Wealth Manager are structured to comply with Regulation 28 of the Pension Fund Act as this is deemed prudent investment management even for “Discretionary Funds” (funds outside of the Pension , Provident Funds, Retirement annuities and Living annuities-commonly referred to as “Compulsory Funds “ ).

Through the use of proprietary tools, Morningstar Direct and other information systems, Wealth Manager will recommend an appropriate asset allocation strategy based on the portfolio’s return objectives, risk limits, time horizon, tax considerations and your other unique requirements. We then assist in the implementation of this strategy via a carefully selected portfolio of collective investment schemes combined to provide diversified exposure to the market’s many opportunities.

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